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Out team provides curated experiences:

  • Personally designed event and program guide

  • Suggestions for self and privately guided tours


  • A personal real estate agent to help you secure accommodations


  • Two catered meals delivered to your rental

  • Official "what to wear" packing list


  • Wine (box of 12) delivered to your rental

  • Beverage box (soda, water, juice)


  • Charcuterie set-up delivered to your rental


  • Hot cocoa and snack station delivered to your rental


  • Three activity boxes delivered to your rental


  • A lighted Christmas tree delivered to your rental


What is Christmas in Edgartown?

Christmas in Edgartown is one of the best kept Martha's Vineyard secrets.  It is an explosion of old fashion holiday celebration--Christmas events, craft fairs, local shopping, concerts, cookie decorating, food and wine events, a small town parade the lighting of the Edgartown lighthouse and more!

When is Christmas in Edgartown?

The 41st Annual Christmas in Edgartown will take place December 8-11, 2022

How does LH Christmas Concierge work?​

1. Choose your holiday theme and contact LH Christmas Concierge for booking and payment details.

2. LH Christmas Concierge  will connect you with our on-island travel agent who will help you find the perfect holiday accommodation.


3. After booking your rental LH Christmas Concierge will contact you to gather information needed to design your personal event guides and activity boxes. Catered meals, drink, charcuterie, cocoa and activity boxes will be left at your rental for you to open upon your arrival. 

Why do I need LH Christmas Concierge, can't I put together my own trip?

LH Christmas Concierge curates your Christmas in Edgartown experience so you are free to have the merriest and brightest of vacations, without the stress of planning. Our personal event recommendations may be used as a standalone guide or integrated into your own plans. Two catered dinners, cocoa, snack and charcuterie station allows you to enjoy meals with your guests without anyone being tied to the kitchen. Your personalized activities theme boxes fill your vacation with fun and enjoyment. So sure you can plan your own trip, but why?

When do I have to book my service?

LH Christmas Concierge boutique services chooses to host a small number of clients in order to allow us to concentrate on the greatest of holiday details.  Once our limited concierge slots are booked, we will no longer expect clients. It is for this reason we suggest booking a year in advance. We stop taking bookings on July 1st of each year.

What if I bring more than six people?

Our activity boxes are designed for 6 people, duplicate boxes for six may be purchased.

What comes with my catered meal?

A few months prior to your arrival LH Christmas Concierge  will send you a menu filled with delicious dinner options.  You simply choose your desired appetizer, main course and dessert.


What if there is bad weather?

Massachusetts in December is beautiful --snow and ice make for a breathtaking winter wonderland landscape.  However, they can also mean delayed and challenging travel.  LH will give you insider tips for winter travel in New England and how to deal with potential delays.

What are the themes?

The themes are based on your interest:


Grab your best friends and enjoy weekend activities packed with group fun and bonding.
Romantic pursuits -- activities that make cozy connections and lasting memories with your partner. 
Make memories with family activities and fun for all ages.
Baker inspired activity for passionate amateur baking fans. 
Hands-on projects from wreath making to jewelry design, this is made for the crafter enthusiast.
Miles of natural splendor awaits you. Outdoors activities are designed for groups to enjoy the  islands and its flora and fauna.
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