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The Holy Grail of Christmas Parties

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An Explosion of Food, Merrymaking and Holiday Cheer.

The party is an exclusive invitation only kick off to Christmas in Edgartown.

December 7, 2022       7:00 pm - Until
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The first rule of The Ultimate Dinner is:

you do not talk about The Ultimate Dinner . 


The second rule of The Ultimate Dinner is:

you DO NOT talk about The Ultimate Dinner! 


Third rule of  The Ultimate Dinner:

someone yells "stop!", goes limp, taps out, the dinner is over.


Just joking. 


The rules of The Ultimate Dinner are as follows:

  • Invitations will be mailed 

  • You must present your invitation at the door - no exceptions

  • No plus ones - no exceptions

  • No food substitutions or special orders - no exceptions

  • No phone calls or texting at the table - no exceptions


The place is Martha's Vineyard. 

The specific location will be revealed by text seven days before the party.ty.
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